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Color Varnish is the pinnacle of wood coating systems, featuring a Polyurethane Resin base for a brilliant color top coat. This innovative product eliminates the need for traditional wood stain applications, highlighting the natural grain pattern of wood to create stunning finishes on exterior and interior wooden surfaces. With a range of available colors, Color Varnish not only protects but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your woodwork. Embrace a new era of wood finishes with Color Varnish—a perfect blend of functionality and style.



Introducing Color Varnish, the epitome of innovation in wood coating systems, revolutionizing the way we enhance and protect wood surfaces. This cutting-edge product is crafted based on Polyurethane Resin, setting new standards as a top-notch color top coat. Color Varnish eliminates the need for conventional wood stain application, offering a streamlined process that culminates in a brilliant, eye-catching finish.

One of Color Varnish’s standout features is its ability to highlight the natural grain pattern of wood, transforming ordinary surfaces into stunning works of art. Whether applied to exterior or interior wooden doors, windows, or woodwork, Color Varnish proves itself as a versatile solution for both protection and decoration.

The color range provided by Color Varnish adds a new dimension to wood finishes, allowing you to choose from a variety of shades to suit your aesthetic preferences. This ensures that not only is your wood surface protected, but it also becomes a canvas for expressing your style and enhancing the overall beauty of your space.

Say goodbye to mundane wood finishes and embrace the brilliance of Color Varnish—a product that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, bringing out the best in your wooden surfaces.


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