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Duxbak Water Repellent stands as a clear and advanced solution for protecting unpainted masonry surfaces. This repellent penetrates deeply while allowing the surface to breathe, creating a robust shield against moisture penetration. Ideal for various masonry surfaces, Duxbak ensures durability and longevity. During application, it is crucial to choose dry weather, allowing 16 hours for curing, as any exposure to moisture may impact effectiveness. Applying Duxbak involves flooding the surface with a wide brush or utilizing a conventional spray at low pressure. With a coverage of 2 to 4 square meters per liter per coat, depending on surface porosity, Duxbak is available in practical 3.64-liter packaging for efficient and comprehensive water repellency. Upgrade your masonry surfaces with the superior protection of Duxbak.




Introducing Duxbak Water Repellent, a cutting-edge solution designed to protect and enhance unpainted masonry surfaces. This clear repellent not only penetrates deeply into the substrate but also allows the surface to breathe, striking a delicate balance between robust protection and maintaining the material’s natural properties. Ideal for a variety of masonry surfaces, Duxbak is formulated to be impervious to moisture penetration, ensuring a durable and long-lasting shield against the elements.

The application process for Duxbak is designed for optimal effectiveness. It is crucial to apply the repellent in dry weather, allowing approximately 16 hours for curing. Any exposure to moisture during this period may compromise the treatment’s effectiveness. The application method involves flooding the surface with Duxbak, using a wide brush to ensure a run-down of about 12 inches. This meticulous application technique guarantees thorough impregnation, maximizing the repellent’s protective capabilities. Additionally, Duxbak can be applied via conventional spray at the lowest possible pressure for added versatility.

Coverage is notable, ranging from 2 to 4 square meters per liter per coat, depending on the porosity of the surface. This ensures a cost-effective solution for achieving comprehensive water repellency on various masonry substrates. Duxbak is available in practical packaging sizes of 3.64 liters, providing a convenient and efficient means of safeguarding unpainted masonry surfaces.


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