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Berger Aluminum Paint is a versatile solution for achieving a lustrous finish on various surfaces. It can be directly applied from the can after mixing the paste and the medium, offering convenience in usage. Thinning with mineral turpentine is an option if needed. Ensure the surface is clean and properly primed for optimal results. With a touch-dry time of 4-6 hours and the ability to apply a second coat after overnight drying, Berger Aluminum Paint provides an efficient and effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your project. For personalized assistance, reach out to Berger Color Advisory Services in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Upgrade your surfaces with the brilliance of Berger Aluminum Paint.




Berger Aluminum Paint offers a high-quality solution for a variety of surfaces, delivering a lustrous finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your project. This versatile paint can be applied directly from the can after mixing the paste and the medium, providing convenience and ease of use. If necessary, it can be thinned down with mineral turpentine to suit specific application requirements, ensuring flexibility in usage.

Prior to application, it is essential to prepare the surface appropriately. The substrate should be clean, dry, and free from loose or flaking material. If deemed necessary, proper priming of the surface is recommended to optimize the adhesion and longevity of the Aluminum Paint.

Drying time is efficient, with the paint becoming touch dry within 4-6 hours. For additional coats, the second application can be made after overnight drying, allowing for a seamless and professional finish.

For more detailed information and personalized assistance, individuals are encouraged to contact Berger Color Advisory Services, available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. This ensures that users receive expert guidance and support for their specific project needs.


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