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Dulux Paintex

Dulux Paintex


ICI Paintex Wall Putty (water-based) is a high-quality, ready-to-use filler designed for interior masonry surfaces, including plaster. With easy application and quick drying, this putty boasts good filling properties, providing a smooth surface for the application of the topcoat. Recommended for interior use, the application involves just 2-3 coats with a short waiting time of 2-3 hours between each coat, making it an efficient choice for achieving flawless interiors. Please note that it is not recommended for exterior use.



ICI Paintex Wall Putty (water-based) stands out as a top-tier solution for interior masonry surfaces, offering a high-quality ready-to-use filler crafted to perfection. Specially formulated for applications on various interior surfaces, including plaster, this water-based putty simplifies the process of achieving flawlessly smooth finishes.

Ease of application is a hallmark of ICI Paintex Wall Putty, making it a preferred choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The quick-drying nature of this putty adds to its efficiency, allowing for swift progress in your interior projects. With good filling properties, it not only facilitates easy application but also ensures a seamless surface, providing the ideal canvas for the subsequent application of the topcoat.

For optimal results, the application of ICI Paintex Wall Putty involves just 2-3 coats, with a short waiting time of 2-3 hours between each coat. The user-friendly nature of this product, combined with its quick drying time, enhances the overall experience of surface preparation, transforming your interiors with minimal effort.

It is important to note that ICI Paintex Wall Putty is specifically designed for interior use and is not recommended for exterior applications. Elevate your interior surfaces with the reliability and efficiency of ICI Paintex Wall Putty (water-based), a testament to excellence in ready-to-use fillers.


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