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Dulux Weathershield

Dulux Weathershield


Dulux Weathershield 2G, a premium exterior paint, offers top-notch weather protection and Smart Release Technology for defense against algae and fungus. With a 6-year warranty and Keep Cool Technology reducing surface temperature, apply 3-4 coats with recommended intervals. Prioritize safety by keeping it away from children and ignition sources. This paint ensures durability and a cooler home by 5 degrees.




Dulux Weathershield 2G stands as a premium exterior paint, delivering high-quality protection against the diverse impacts of weather. Infused with Smart Release Technology, this paint provides advanced defense against algae and fungus triggered by sun and rain exposure. Bolstered by a 6-year weather protection warranty, it goes a step further by incorporating Keep Cool Technology. This innovative feature actively reduces surface temperature, ensuring homes stay cooler by up to 5 degrees.

The application process is streamlined for optimal results. Applying 3-4 coats of Dulux Weathershield with a 2-3 hour interval between coats is recommended, and adherence to the prescribed thinning ratio is crucial for effective application.

Dulux prioritizes health and safety, emphasizing measures to keep the product away from children and ignition sources. Fire safety guidelines are outlined, recommending specific fire extinguishers. Proper protective gear, including eye protection and gloves, is advised during application. Adequate ventilation is essential, especially for indoor use. The comprehensive safety guidelines underline Dulux’s commitment to ensuring user well-being.


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