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Dulux Gloss Finish

Dulux Gloss Finish


Dulux Gloss Enamel, a solvent-based super gloss finish, brings luxury to both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. With 2-3 coats and a 16-hour interval between applications, enjoy a non-yellowing, mirror-like finish that exudes sophistication and durability. Elevate your surroundings with the superior flow and coverage of Dulux Gloss Enamel.




Dulux Gloss Enamel stands as a pinnacle of high-quality solvent-based finishes, delivering an exquisite super gloss that transcends ordinary paint. Crafted for supreme versatility, this paint finds its place on both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces, elevating your surroundings to unparalleled levels of sophistication.

The hallmark of Dulux Gloss Enamel lies in its ability to produce a non-yellowing, smooth mirror-like finish that radiates elegance. The formulation goes beyond aesthetics, boasting exceptional durability that withstands the tests of time and weather. Its advanced properties provide superior flow and coverage, ensuring a seamless application process.

Indulge your surfaces in the luxury of Dulux Gloss Enamel by applying 2-3 coats, allowing a comfortable 16-hour interval between each application. This meticulous approach ensures a flawless, enduring finish, creating a visual masterpiece on wood and metal surfaces that captivates with its lustrous sheen.


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