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Dulux Red Oxide Metal Primer

Dulux Red Oxide Metal Primer


Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer, a high-quality exterior acrylic primer, features advanced crack bridging technology to prevent hairline cracks, peeling, and alkali attacks. This primer, with excellent adhesion between coats, requires just one application, drying in 2-3 hours for efficient and superior protection of your exterior surfaces.



Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer stands out as a top-tier exterior acrylic primer, setting the standard for surface protection with its cutting-edge crack bridging technology. Engineered to perfection, this primer takes a proactive approach in preventing the emergence of hairline cracks, ensuring that your topcoat maintains a flawless appearance over time.

The hallmark of Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer lies in its innovative crack bridging technology, which serves as a formidable defense against the formation of hairline cracks on exterior surfaces. By addressing this common issue head-on, the primer establishes a robust foundation for subsequent topcoats, delivering not only visual appeal but also long-lasting durability.

This high-quality exterior primer goes beyond crack prevention, offering a comprehensive shield against potential issues. It effectively prevents the topcoat from peeling and shields against alkali attacks, safeguarding the integrity of your exterior surfaces. Additionally, Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer excels in promoting superior adhesion between coats, contributing to a cohesive and resilient paint system.

The application process is streamlined for efficiency, requiring just one coat of Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer. With a rapid drying time of 2-3 hours, this primer ensures a swift and effective progression in your exterior painting project, allowing you to achieve a professional finish effortlessly. Elevate the protection and longevity of your exterior surfaces with the unparalleled technology of Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer.


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