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Dulux Easycare

Dulux Easycare


Dulux EasyCare is an acrylic water-based paint designed for all interior walls. Featuring Kidproof+ Technology, it offers robust stain resistance and easy-clean properties without damaging the paint layer. With added Anti-bacterial properties and the innovative Silver Ion Technology, it actively inhibits bacterial and viral growth on walls. Apply 3-4 coats, leaving 2-3 hours between each for optimal protection. Dulux EasyCare is the ultimate choice for walls that demand superior defense against stains, bacteria, and certain viruses.



Discover the epitome of wall protection with Dulux EasyCare, an advanced acrylic water-based paint specially formulated for all interior walls. Integrating Kidproof+ Technology, this paint offers unparalleled stain resistance, rendering walls easy to clean without compromising the integrity of the paint layer. Embrace worry-free living, knowing that the walls adorned with Dulux EasyCare not only repel stains but also inhibit the growth of bacteria, thanks to its Anti-bacterial properties.

In an era that demands extra measures, Dulux EasyCare goes above and beyond with the introduction of Silver Ion Technology. This innovative addition equips the paint with anti-viral properties, actively working against certain viruses. Under test conditions, the efficiency of this feature is noteworthy, reinforcing the protective shield Dulux EasyCare provides for your walls.

Application is a breeze – simply apply 3-4 coats of Dulux EasyCare, allowing a short 2-3 hour drying period between each coat. Experience the fusion of technology and aesthetics as Dulux EasyCare not only transforms your living spaces but also becomes a robust defense system, safeguarding your walls from stains, bacteria, and certain viruses.


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