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Berger Water Based Primer is a state-of-the-art solution crafted to resist alkali and moisture challenges in new plaster surfaces. Forming a resilient film, it effectively blocks moisture passage, ensuring durability. Suitable for interior and exterior use on various surfaces, including cement render concrete and asbestos cement sheets, it requires a dry and clean surface before application. Thinning for brush application is possible, with a recommended two-coat application for optimal results. Drying within an hour and recoatable after 2-3 hours, this primer provides impressive coverage (16-18 sqm per liter per coat) and is available in 3.64 and 14.56-liter packs. Safety precautions include proper container handling and eye contact measures. Upgrade your painting projects with the protective power of Berger Water Based Primer.



Berger Water Based Primer is a cutting-edge formulation designed to resist the challenges posed by alkali and moisture in new plaster surfaces. This primer creates a tough and flexible film, acting as a formidable barrier that prevents the passage of moisture from the substrate through the paint film. Prior to application, it is imperative that the intended surface is dry and free from grease and dust, ensuring optimal adhesion and performance.

This versatile primer is engineered for use on a variety of surfaces, including cement render concrete, lime plaster, asbestos cement sheets, and other substrates requiring sealing against moisture or alkaline conditions. It serves both interior and exterior applications, making it a comprehensive solution for various projects.

Application of Berger Water Based Primer is a straightforward process, with the essential precondition of a dry and clean surface. For brush application, the primer can be thinned (1:1) with water by volume, dependent on the surface’s absorbency. For optimal results, two coats of Berger Water Based Primer are recommended. On previously painted old surfaces, the removal of defective or poorly adhering material is necessary before application. Smoothing the surface is further facilitated by the application of Berger Wall Putty after the primer.

Drying time is efficient, with Berger Water Based Primer drying within an hour and ready for recoating after 2-3 hours. The coverage is impressive, ranging from 16 to 18 square meters per liter per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface. Available in practical packaging sizes of 3.64 and 14.56 liters, Berger Water Based Primer offers a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing the durability and performance of painted surfaces.

Safety precautions are emphasized, with recommendations to protect the container from extreme temperatures, close it properly, and store it upright after use. In case of contact with eyes, immediate rinsing with water and seeking medical advice is advised.


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