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Berger NU Prime Seal is a specialized primer designed to combat alkali and moisture challenges in new plaster surfaces. Creating a flexible film, it acts as a robust barrier, preventing moisture passage and enhancing the longevity of interior surfaces. Prior to application, ensure the surface is dry, grease-free, and dust-free. Ideal for various substrates, NU PrimeSeal offers comprehensive protection, with application involving thinning for brush application and a recommendation for two coats. It excels on surfaces like cement render concrete and asbestos cement sheets, delivering durability and longevity to interior spaces. Elevate your painting projects with the advanced protection of Berger NU PrimeSeal.



Berger NU PrimeSeal stands as a specialized solution formulated to combat the challenges posed by alkali and moisture in new plaster surfaces. Crafted to create a resilient and flexible film, this primer serves as a robust barrier, effectively preventing the passage of moisture from the substrate through the paint film. Prior to application, it is imperative that the targeted surface is dry, free from grease, and devoid of dust, ensuring optimal adhesion and performance of subsequent coatings. Designed exclusively for interior use, Berger NU PrimeSeal is engineered to elevate the durability and longevity of painted surfaces.

This versatile primer is engineered for application on various surfaces, including cement render concrete, lime plaster, asbestos cement sheets, and other substrates requiring sealing against moisture or alkaline conditions. NU PrimeSeal proves to be a comprehensive solution for interior surfaces, providing enhanced protection and longevity.

The application of NU PrimeSeal is a straightforward process, involving thinning (1:1) with water by volume for brush application, dependent on the surface’s absorbency. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply two coats of NU PrimeSeal. On previously painted old surfaces, the removal of defective or poorly adhering material is crucial before application. Smoothing the surface can be achieved by applying Berger Wall Putty after the primer, further enhancing the quality of the painted finish.


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