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Achieve timeless elegance with our Premium Oil-Based Paint. Ideal for brush and roller application, this paint boasts a coverage of 11-13 sqm per liter per coat. With a single coat application and a drying time of 16 hours between coats, it provides a durable and classic finish. Thinning with 10-12% for roller or brush application is simple, and cleanup is easy with White Spirit or Turpentine.

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Discover the allure of our Premium Oil-Based Paint, an embodiment of timeless elegance for your surfaces. With a coverage of 11-13 sqm per liter per coat, this paint offers not just aesthetic enhancement but also durability that stands the test of time.
Tailor your application with the flexibility of brush and roller methods, allowing you to achieve precision and evenness. Embrace the simplicity of a single-coat application, reducing the effort required for a classic finish that elevates your spaces.
Experience the enduring charm with a drying time of 16 hours between coats, ensuring that each layer is meticulously set for lasting results. Customize your application further with a 10-12% thinning for roller or brush, allowing for a seamless painting process.
Cleanup is a breeze with White Spirit or Turpentine, maintaining the quality of your tools and equipment. Elevate your surfaces with the sophistication of our Premium Oil-Based Paint, where durability meets classic elegance. Choose a paint that not only enhances but simplifies your painting experience, delivering professional results with ease.


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