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Dulux Promise Exterior Emulsion

Dulux Promise Exterior Emulsion


Dulux Promise Exterior Acrylic Emulsion is a highly durable water-based paint with Anti-Peel technology for an intact paint film. The Extra Coverage Formula ensures efficiency, covering more area with the same quantity. Chroma Brite UV Fight technology maintains exterior colors’ freshness, and protection against fungal and algal growth guarantees a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Easy application with 3-4 coats and specified thinning ratio. Health and safety guidelines prioritize user well-being and responsible environmental practices.




Dulux Promise Exterior Acrylic Emulsion is a robust water-based emulsion paint designed for lasting durability and an impeccable finish on exterior surfaces. Its unique Anti-Peel formulation ensures the integrity of the paint film, preventing undesired peeling and maintaining a pristine appearance over time. The Extra Coverage Formula allows the paint to cover a larger area with the same quantity, providing efficiency in application.

Enriched with Chroma Brite UV Fight technology, this emulsion actively preserves the freshness of exterior wall colors for an extended period. Application is made easy, and the paint offers protection against fungal and algal growth, contributing to a lasting and beautiful exterior finish.

For optimal results, it is recommended to apply 3-4 coats of Dulux Promise Exterior Emulsion with a 2-3 hour interval between coats. Following the specified thinning ratio is crucial for achieving the desired application quality.

Prioritizing health and safety, Dulux provides comprehensive guidelines for treatments involving hazardous dust and fumes. Wet sanding is recommended, and proper personal protection equipment should be used. Ventilation is emphasized during application, and spillage should be promptly collected. Storage and disposal instructions ensure responsible use, underlining Dulux’s commitment to environmental and user safety.


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