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Dulux Matt Enamel

Dulux Matt Enamel


Dulux Matt Enamel is a high-quality solvent-based paint offering a super matte finish for all interior wood, metal, and masonry surfaces. With excellent resistance to steam and moisture, it is the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Apply 2-3 coats with a 16-hour interval between each for a resilient and elegant transformation of your interior spaces.



Elevate your interior surfaces with the premium quality of Dulux Matt Enamel, a solvent-based paint that boasts a luxurious super matte finish. Crafted to perfection, this versatile enamel is designed for application on various surfaces, including wood, metal, and masonry, ensuring a consistent and elegant appearance throughout your living spaces.

Dulux Matt Enamel stands out with its exceptional resistance to steam and moisture, setting it apart as an ideal choice for environments exposed to the rigors of kitchens and bathrooms. This superior resistance ensures longevity and maintains the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces, making it a reliable solution for areas prone to high humidity.

The application process is a simple affair – grace your surfaces with 2-3 coats of Dulux Matt Enamel, allowing a comfortable 16-hour interval between each application. Experience the transformation as your interior spaces are adorned with a flawless super matte finish, radiating a sense of sophistication and durability.


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