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Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer

Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer


Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer redefines excellence in exterior acrylic primers, featuring crack bridging technology that prevents hairline cracks, ensuring a flawless topcoat. This high-quality primer also protects against peeling, alkali attacks, and enhances adhesion between coats. With a quick application of just one coat, it dries in 2-3 hours, making it an efficient choice for superior exterior protection.




Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer sets a new standard in exterior acrylic primers with its high-quality formulation and innovative crack bridging technology. Crafted to provide optimal performance, this primer is designed to effectively prevent the occurrence of hairline cracks, ensuring a flawless finish for your exterior surfaces.

The key feature of crack bridging technology distinguishes Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer as a reliable solution, offering advanced protection that goes beyond traditional primers. By inhibiting the development of hairline cracks, it acts as a robust foundation that safeguards the topcoat, preventing unsightly blemishes and maintaining the integrity of the painted surface.

In addition to its crack prevention capabilities, this high-quality exterior primer delivers a comprehensive set of benefits. It acts as a barrier, protecting the topcoat from potential issues such as peeling and alkali attacks. Furthermore, Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer excels in promoting excellent adhesion between coats, contributing to the longevity and durability of the overall paint system.

The application process is streamlined for convenience, requiring just one coat of Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer. The quick drying time of 2-3 hours adds to the efficiency of your exterior painting project, allowing you to progress with confidence. Elevate your exterior surfaces with the superior protection and performance of Dulux Exterior Crackbridging Primer.


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