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Dulux Ambiance VT Rich Matt

Dulux Ambiance VT Rich Matt


Dulux Velvet Touch is a premium 100% acrylic-based paint, offering an ultra-luxurious water-based emulsion with the smooth touch of velvet. Recommended for interior surfaces, apply 3-4 coats with a 3-4 hour drying interval between each for optimal results. Exclusive use of Dulux Velvet Touch is essential to maintain the desired finish. Stir thoroughly before use, and rest assured, the formulation contains no added lead or mercury, aligning with modern safety and environmental standards. Elevate your interiors with the sophistication of Dulux Velvet Touch.




Indulge in the pinnacle of elegance with Dulux Velvet Touch, a premium 100% acrylic-based paint designed to impart a luxurious touch of velvet to your interior spaces. Crafted as an ultra-luxurious water-based emulsion, this paint is tailored for interior surfaces, providing a flawless finish that exudes sophistication.

For optimal results, follow a meticulous application process after surface preparation. Apply 3-4 coats of Dulux Velvet Touch, allowing a 3-4 hour drying interval between each coat. Exclusive use of Dulux Velvet Touch is paramount to achieving the desired finish, as the use of alternative paints may compromise the exquisite qualities of Dulux Velvet Touch and make reconditioning challenging.

Safety and environmental consciousness are prioritized in the formulation of Dulux Velvet Touch, containing no added lead or mercury. Before application, it is imperative to stir the paint thoroughly to ensure consistency and a seamless finish.

Transform your living spaces into havens of opulence with Dulux Velvet Touch, where each stroke brings forth the smooth, velvety elegance that defines refined interiors.


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