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Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint offers unparalleled protection, crafted from chlorinated rubber and selected pigments. Ideal for metal surfaces, it provides exceptional impermeability to water and water vapors, making it perfect for varied applications. Suitable for diverse materials, it excels in challenging conditions such as steam, high humidity, and chemical exposure. The one-pack product is easy to apply with a brush or spray, dries in an hour, and covers 8 to 10 square meters per liter. Available in convenient 3.64-liter packs, it is a reliable choice for year-round use.




Discover the advanced protection of Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint, a specially formulated paint compound crafted from plasticized, chlorinated rubber, and carefully selected pigments. This innovative paint is designed to offer unparalleled impermeability to water and water vapors, surpassing traditional oil or varnish-based alternatives. The result is a robust solution that enhances the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is versatile, suitable for application on a wide range of building and structural materials, including iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, wood, concrete, plaster, and brick. It serves as a protective shield in conditions such as steam exposure, constant high humidity, condensation, acidic or salt-laden atmospheres, alkaline vapors, or spillage of aqueous chemical solutions containing various bleaching and oxidizing agents.

Application of Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint requires precision. The initial coat should be applied with a fully-loaded brush, avoiding repeated cross-brushing. Subsequent coats are recommended to be applied using a spray for optimal results, with thinning achieved through a specialized Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint thinner.

Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is a one-pack product suitable for year-round application. Pre-treatment of surfaces is essential for maximum efficacy, and the paint dries through evaporation. Remarkably, it can be applied at low temperatures (35˚ to 40˚F) without damaging the film, provided the surface is dry at the time of painting.

Drying time is swift, with Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint drying in just an hour and being recoatable after 16 hours. The coverage of this exceptional paint is estimated at 8 to 10 square meters per liter per coat, making it an efficient and effective choice for various protective coating needs. Conveniently available in 3.64-liter packs, Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint ensures ease of use and reliable performance.


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