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Apexior No. 1 is an advanced anti-corrosive coating tailored for internal surfaces of equipment like boiler drums, tubes, and water walls exposed to high temperatures. This high-performance coating eliminates the need for a separate primer, providing comprehensive protection. The application involves three coats, with the unique step of baking the coating by raising water temperature to ensure an inert, insoluble film. Drying times between coats are efficient, and the coverage is approximately 8 to 10 square meters per liter. Conveniently available in 5-liter packs, Apexior No. 1 offers a reliable solution for corrosion protection in challenging environments.




Introducing Apexior No. 1, an advanced anti-corrosive coating specifically engineered for the internal surfaces of boiler drums, tubes, water walls, economizers, steam accumulators, and more. This high-performance coating is designed to provide superior protection against corrosion in environments exposed to elevated temperatures and steam.

Apexior No. 1 finds its application on a wide range of equipment, including boiler drums, tubes, water walls, economizers, evaporators, steam accumulators, calorifiers, steam turbine casings, and water softeners that come in contact with hot water above 93˚C (200˚F) minimum.

For optimal results, the surface preparation is crucial. All loose mill scale and rust must be removed, and grit blasting to 2nd Quality BS 4232 is recommended where possible, with a maximum profile of 0.75 µm. If grit blasting is impractical, mechanical tools and hand wire-brushing should be utilized to eliminate loose rust and scale, ensuring a firm edge. The surface should be free from contaminants such as oil and grease, achieved through solvent cleaning, leaving the surface clean and dry before coating.

The application of Apexior No. 1 is streamlined, eliminating the need for a separate primer. The coating process involves applying one coat directly to clean steel with a brush, working it well into the surface and ensuring thorough coverage on corners, edges, and welded nuts/bolts. Awaiting approximately 6 to 8 hours at 20˚C before overcoating, two additional coats of Apexior No. 1 can be applied with a brush or roller, allowing the same drying time between coats. After the final coat, a crucial step involves filling the tank or boiler with water and raising the water temperature to above 100˚C (212˚F) for a minimum of 5 hours. This unique process bakes the Apexior, creating an inert, insoluble, and impermeable film for enhanced performance.

Drying time between coats is approximately 6 to 8 hours, with the final coat requiring 12 to 16 hours for solvent evaporation. The coverage of Apexior No. 1 is estimated at approximately 8 to 10 square meters per liter at 38 microns DFT, dependent on surface roughness. Conveniently packaged in 5-liter packs, Apexior No. 1 ensures a reliable and efficient solution for corrosion protection in demanding environments.


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