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PU Impact Or Scratch Proof Wood Varnish

PU Impact Or Scratch Proof Wood Varnish

Ultra-durable PU varnish. Resists scratches & impacts.



Shield your wood from everyday wear and tear with PU Impact or Scratch Proof Wood Varnish! This innovative, two-component polyurethane varnish provides superior protection against scratches, impacts, and abrasions. Perfect for high-traffic areas or furniture prone to nicks and dents, PU Impact Varnish keeps your wood looking beautiful for years to come.

Here’s what makes PU Impact Varnish stand out:

  • Unmatched Scratch & Impact Resistance: Its advanced formula creates a tough, resilient layer that defends against scratches, dents, and everyday wear.
  • Long-lasting Protection: PU Impact Varnish safeguards your wood from damage, ensuring a flawless finish that endures.
  • Beautiful High-Gloss Finish: This varnish enhances the natural beauty of your wood while providing exceptional protection.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use on various interior wood surfaces, including furniture, cabinets, doors, and trim.
  • Easy Cleanup: Water or solvent-based thinners (depending on the specific product) allow for hassle-free cleanup after application.

More than just scratch defense, PU Impact Varnish offers:

  • Excellent Durability: This varnish resists chipping, peeling, and fading, ensuring a long-lasting finish.
  • Moisture Resistance: Provides a protective barrier against moisture, making it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Self-Sealing Formula: Eliminates the need for a separate pre-treatment coat, saving you time and effort.

Invest in superior protection and lasting beauty for your wood with PU Impact or Scratch Proof Wood Varnish. Order yours today!


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