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PU Wood Sealer And PU Hardener VP900.77

PU Wood Sealer And PU Hardener VP900.77

PU Wood Sealer and PU Hardener VP900.77, by Saify Paint House, are easy to sand and highly fire resistant for public buildings and furniture.



Enhance Fire Safety with VP900.77 Fire Retardant PU Wood Sealer in Pakistan
Protect your wooden structures and ensure peace of mind with VP900.77, the innovative Fire Retardant PU Wood Sealer from Saify Paint House! This high-performance product, part of our PU wood coating collection in Pakistan, offers exceptional fire resistance and beautiful aesthetics for various applications.

Key Features for Superior Protection:

  • Fire Retardant:
    Safeguard public spaces like schools, libraries, and hospitals with VP900.77’s advanced fire-resistant formula.
  • High Body:
    Experience extensive coverage and robust protection with the sealer’s thick consistency, ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Easy Sanding:
    Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free sanding process during surface preparation and reapplication.
  • Suitable for Vertical Applications:
    Achieve excellent results on walls, doors, and other vertical wooden surfaces.

Product Composition for Optimal Performance:

  • 100% Fire Retardant Polyurethane Sealer (VP900.77):
    This pure concentration ensures maximum fire resistance for your wood.
  • 50% Polyurethane Hardener (HP180):
    It enhances curing and hardening, creating a durable protective layer.

Unique Qualities for Added Benefits:

  • Volume Expansion During Fire:
    The sealer expands upon contact with fire, further safeguarding the wood.
  • Residue Removal and Reapplication:
    Easily remove residue and reapply VP900.77 for a seamless repair process.
  • Fire Retardancy Certification:
    Achieve the highest fire safety standards with a complete system using VP900.77, fire-resistant MDF, and VP900.25 Fire Retardant Polyurethane Matt Varnish.

Saify Paint House: Your Trusted Partner for Fire Safety Solutions
Invest in safety and aesthetics with VP900.77 Fire Retardant PU Wood Sealer! Explore our PU wood coating collection in Pakistan and discover a wide range of high-quality products for your woodworking needs.


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