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Polyurethane Pu Top Coat & PU Hardener SET

Polyurethane Pu Top Coat & PU Hardener SET

Polyurethane Pu Top Coat & PU Hardener SET by Saify Paint House has a scratch-resistant, soft-touch, matte finish and protects indoor wood surfaces.



Elevate Your Woodworking Projects with VP510.40 and HP600.00 PU Matt Top Coat in Pakistan
Experience the perfect blend of protection and aesthetics with the VP510 PU Matt Top Coat from Saify Paint House! This two-component polyurethane solution offers exceptional features for your indoor wood projects in Pakistan.

Key Features for a Distinctive Finish:

  • Transparent Film:
    Preserve the natural beauty of your wood with a crystal-clear finish that allows the wood grain to shine through.
  • Superior Scratch Resistance:
    Enjoy long-lasting beauty with a coating that shields your wood surfaces from daily wear and tear.
  • Homogeneous Matt Appearance:
    Achieve a consistently smooth and elegant matte finish that enhances the overall sophistication of your wood pieces.
  • Soft Touch:
    The varnish’s soft touch provides a luxurious and inviting feel, adding a delightful sensory element to your wood projects.
  • High Body:
    The varnish’s high body adds depth and character to your wood surfaces, creating a premium and distinctive finish.

Easy Application for Professional Results:

  • Suitable Surface Preparation:
    Ensure a clean, dry, and sanded surface (220 grit sandpaper) for optimal adhesion.
  • Mixing and Application Options:
    Mix VP510 varnish with HP600 hardener (100:50 ratio) and choose airmix or conventional spray gun application for versatility.

Fast drying times:

  • Dust-Free in 10–12 Minutes:
    Quickly move on to the next project stage without waiting for the dust to settle.
  • Touch Dry in 25–30 Minutes:
    Safely handle the varnished surface within half an hour.
  • Stackable in 3-4 Hours:
    Efficiently manage project timelines with stackable surfaces after a few hours.

Technical Specifications for Informed Decisions:

  • Mixing Ratio:
    100 parts varnish to 50 parts hardener for optimal performance.
  • Non-Volatile Matter:
    Ensures a durable finish (46 ± 2% for component 1, 39 ± 2% combined).
  • Viscosity:
    Allows for easy application (50-60 KU at 25°C).
  • Density:
    Provides substance without compromising quality (1.02 ± 0.03 g/cm³).
  • Pot Life:
    Offers sufficient working time (5 hours at 20°C).

Elevate your woodworking projects with the VP510 PU Matt Top Coat! Explore Pakistan’s PU wood coating collection for a wide range of high-performance wood finishes at competitive prices.


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