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Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane

Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane

Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane: Unleash the power of high-build elastomeric protection with this styrene acrylic-based membrane, specially formulated for exterior use. Offering 2-in-1 sealer and filler properties, FlexiSeal is flexible enough to cover hairline cracks, ensuring excellent water resistance without added lead or mercury.

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Reinvent your exterior surfaces with Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane, a high-build solution designed for robust protection and lasting resilience. This styrene acrylic-based membrane stands out with its advanced 2-in-1 sealer and filler properties, creating a flexible shield that covers hairline cracks and delivers exceptional water resistance.

Key Features:

High Build with Better Hiding Properties: FlexiSeal is engineered with a high build, ensuring better hiding properties that contribute to a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish. This feature enhances the overall appearance of your exterior surfaces while providing reliable protection.

Elastomeric Styrene Acrylic Based Membrane: Crafted from elastomeric styrene acrylic, this membrane is tailored for exterior use, offering flexibility and durability. It adapts to the natural movements of your surfaces, creating a resilient barrier against the elements.

2-in-1 Sealer and Filler Properties: FlexiSeal goes beyond traditional membranes, featuring 2-in-1 sealer and filler properties. This innovative formulation ensures efficient sealing of surfaces while simultaneously filling hairline cracks, providing comprehensive protection against water penetration.

Covers Hairline Cracks: The flexibility of FlexiSeal allows it to cover hairline cracks effectively, preventing further damage and maintaining the structural integrity of your exterior surfaces. Say goodbye to the worry of cracks with this advanced elastomeric membrane.

Excellent Water Resistance: FlexiSeal excels in water resistance, forming a robust barrier that seals the pores of concrete. This prevents water penetration to the substrate, safeguarding your exterior surfaces against the detrimental effects of moisture.

No Added Lead or Mercury: Committed to safety and environmental responsibility, FlexiSeal does not contain added lead or mercury. This ensures that your protective coating choice aligns with health and eco-conscious considerations.

Elevate the protection and appearance of your exterior surfaces with Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane. Whether you’re dealing with hairline cracks or seeking superior water resistance, this membrane delivers a comprehensive solution. Trust in FlexiSeal to provide flexible, durable, and environmentally conscious protection, ensuring that your exterior surfaces stand the test of time with resilience and style.


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