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Gobi’s Gold Wall Putty

Gobi’s Gold Wall Putty


Gobi’s Water-Based Putty is a long-lasting, water-based product for filling imperfections on various interior surfaces. It provides excellent filling properties with low VOC content.

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Gobi’s Water-Based Putty is a high-quality, water-based product designed for interior use to fill imperfections on various surfaces like wood, plaster, concrete, and gypsum. It is formulated for long-lasting performance and provides excellent filling properties.

Here are some of the key features of Gobi’s Water-Based Putty:

  • Water-based:

    This makes it a more environmentally friendly option than some other putties.

  • Long-lasting:

    Durable and maintains its filling properties over time.

  • Excellent filling properties:

    Effectively fills pores and imperfections for a leveled surface.

  • Very low VOC content:

    Reduces exposure to harmful fumes during application.


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