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Brighto Super Filler

Brighto Super Filler

Achieve a flawless finish with Brighto Super Filler, available in 6.00 Kgs and 20.00 Kgs. Ideal for filling cracks, holes, and gaps in plaster, wood, and various building materials, this filler forms a durable base for emulsion and enamel. Withstand alkali, salts, and hide surface imperfections with Brighto Super Filler.

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Perfect your surfaces with Brighto Super Filler, a versatile solution designed to address cracks, holes, and gaps in plaster, wood, and other building materials. Available in convenient sizes of 6.00 Kgs and 20.00 Kgs, this filler goes beyond basic patching, providing a durable and smooth base for emulsion and enamel finishes.
Brighto Super Filler is crafted with precision to fill surfaces effectively, ensuring that imperfections are seamlessly concealed. Whether you’re working on plaster, wood, or other building materials, this filler offers a comprehensive solution for achieving a flawless and uniform surface.
One of the standout features of Brighto Super Filler is its ability to withstand alkali and salts. This makes it an ideal choice for surfaces exposed to challenging environmental conditions. The filler forms a leveled and smooth base, providing the perfect canvas for the application of emulsion and enamel paints.
Experience the convenience of a filler that not only fills but also hides surface imperfections, creating a polished and refined appearance. Whether you’re renovating or preparing new surfaces, Brighto Super Filler ensures that your painting projects start on a strong foundation.
Choose Brighto Super Filler for a versatile and durable solution that goes beyond traditional patching. Elevate your surfaces with a filler that stands up to the elements, conceals imperfections, and sets the stage for a lasting and flawless finish. Trust Brighto for excellence in every detail of your painting journey.


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