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Brighto Super Sealer

Brighto Super Sealer

Brighto Super Sealer, available in 1Ltr., 4Ltr., and 16Ltr. sizes, is your ultimate solution for protecting and sealing masonry plaster and concrete surfaces. This top-tier sealer not only seals surfaces completely but also extends the lifespan of the topcoat. With resistance against water, alkali, and salts, it’s your go-to choice for superior surface protection.

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Brighto Super Sealer stands as the pinnacle of surface protection, offered in convenient sizes of 1Ltr., 4Ltr., and 16Ltr. This advanced sealer is meticulously designed to safeguard masonry plaster and concrete surfaces, elevating your painting projects to new heights. Beyond mere surface sealing, Brighto Super Sealer actively contributes to the prolonged life of the topcoat, ensuring enduring brilliance for your painted surfaces.

Key Features:

  1. Seals the Surface Completely: Brighto Super Sealer doesn’t just cover – it seals. This transformative sealer envelops masonry plaster and concrete surfaces completely, creating a protective barrier that shields against external elements. Say goodbye to vulnerabilities, as this sealer sets the foundation for lasting protection.
  2. Prolongs Top Coat Life: Witness the difference in longevity when you choose Brighto Super Sealer. By effectively sealing surfaces, this sealer plays a crucial role in extending the life of the topcoat. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a topcoat that retains its vibrancy and integrity over time.
  3. Resists Water, Alkali, and Salts: Brighto Super Sealer is a robust defender against water, alkali, and salts. It resists the damaging effects of these elements, ensuring that your painted surfaces maintain their structural and aesthetic integrity. Experience the peace of mind that comes with enhanced resistance against environmental challenges.
  4. Returns the Best Value of Your Money: Investing in Brighto Super Sealer is an investment in value. This sealer goes beyond surface protection, returning the best value for your money. It’s a testament to quality and durability, offering a solution that stands out in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Brighto Super Sealer, in sizes of 1Ltr., 4Ltr., and 16Ltr., is your ally for achieving surfaces that withstand the test of time. As a protective layer that seals, extends topcoat life, and resists water, alkali, and salts, this sealer brings unparalleled reliability to your painting projects. Elevate your surface protection game with Brighto Super Sealer – where each application is a step towards enduring excellence. Choose Brighto Super Sealer for surfaces that demand the best in protection and longevity.


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