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Ace Flexi Primer

Ace Flexi Primer

Diamond Ace Flexi Primer: Enhance the resilience of your surfaces with Diamond Ace Flexi, an elastomeric primer designed for waterproofing. This highly flexible primer covers hairline cracks, resists water, alkali, and efflorescence, providing a protective barrier against moisture. Ideal for both exterior and interior applications, Diamond Ace Flexi Primer is your go-to solution for a flexible, environment-friendly, and water-resistant primer.



Introducing Diamond Ace Flexi Primer – the ultimate solution for enhancing the durability and waterproofing capabilities of your surfaces. This elastomeric primer, based on modified styrene acrylic co-polymer, is specially formulated to deliver exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for areas prone to hairline cracks and moisture exposure.

Key Features:

  1. Elastomeric Waterproofing: Diamond Ace Flexi Primer is crafted with advanced elastomeric properties, providing a waterproofing shield for your surfaces. Its flexibility allows it to cover hairline cracks and create a resilient barrier against water penetration.
  2. Hairline Crack Coverage: Say goodbye to the worry of hairline cracks. Diamond Ace Flexi Primer is designed to cover and seal these imperfections, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface appearance.
  3. Resistance to Water, Alkali, and Efflorescence: Experience superior resistance against water, alkali, and efflorescence with Diamond Ace Flexi Primer. This primer forms a protective layer that shields your surfaces from the damaging effects of moisture and alkaline substances.
  4. Versatile Application: Suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces, Diamond Ace Flexi Primer offers versatility in application. Whether it’s brickwork, plaster, or concrete, this primer provides reliable protection for various substrates.
  5. Environment-Friendly Formula: Choose a primer that cares for both your surfaces and the environment. Diamond Ace Flexi Primer is crafted with an environment-friendly formula, ensuring that your waterproofing solution aligns with eco-conscious practices.
  6. Optimal Film Thickness and Coverage: Achieve optimal results with a dry film thickness of 60 – 100 µm per coat. Diamond Ace Flexi Primer boasts a theoretical coverage of 8-10 m² per liter per coat, delivering efficient results based on substrate condition.
  7. Proper Surface Preparation: Ensure the longevity of your waterproofing efforts with proper surface preparation. Remove loose materials, plaster, cement splashes, and old paint before applying Diamond Ace Flexi Primer. For new plaster or concrete, full curing is essential.
  8. Condition During Application: Maintain optimal conditions during application. The substrate temperature should be a minimum of 3°C above the dew point of the air temperature, with relative humidity not exceeding 70%. Good ventilation is crucial for confined spaces, and thorough mixing before application ensures a uniform consistency.

Elevate your waterproofing game with Diamond Ace Flexi Primer – a flexible, reliable, and environment-friendly solution that stands strong against the challenges of moisture and surface imperfections. Whether you’re enhancing your exterior facade or preparing interior walls, this elastomeric primer is your key to long-lasting protection. Choose Diamond Ace Flexi Primer for surfaces that demand superior waterproofing and flexibility.


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