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Overall Wall Sealer

Overall Wall Sealer

Diamond Overall Wall Sealer: Unleash the power of protection with this oil-based primer. With exceptional penetrating and binding properties, it not only enhances topcoat coverage but also seals and shields interior surfaces. Perfect for masonry, plaster, and concrete, this primer ensures longevity and superior adhesion for your paintwork.



Elevate your interior surfaces with the fortifying properties of Diamond Overall Wall Sealer – an oil-based primer designed for optimal penetration and binding. This primer goes beyond the surface, delivering enhanced coverage for topcoats while providing a protective seal that prolongs the life of your paintwork. Tailored for masonry, plaster, and concrete, Diamond Overall Wall Sealer is the key to achieving enduring results with superior adhesion.

Key Features:

Exceptional Penetrating and Binding Properties: Diamond Overall Wall Sealer is distinguished by its exceptional penetrating and binding properties. This means more than just surface-level protection – it ensures a deeper connection between the primer and the surface, promoting longevity and resilience.

Better Coverage for Topcoats: Experience improved coverage for your topcoats with Diamond Overall Wall Sealer. This primer acts as a reliable foundation, enhancing the overall performance of subsequent paint layers and contributing to a flawless finish.

Protects and Seals Surfaces: Beyond its role as a primer, Diamond Overall Wall Sealer acts as a protector and sealer for your interior surfaces. Shielding against environmental factors and wear, it adds an extra layer of defense that ensures the longevity of your paintwork.

Recommended Use: Tailored for interior use, this primer is recommended for masonry, plaster, and concrete surfaces. Whether you’re revitalizing existing surfaces or preparing new ones, Diamond Overall Wall Sealer provides the essential protection needed for enduring results.

Surface Preparation: Prioritize proper surface preparation for optimal performance. Remove all loose materials, including loose plaster, cement splashes, old paint, and dust. New plaster/concrete must be fully cured before applying the primer, ensuring a solid and enduring foundation.

Finish – N/A: The finish of Diamond Overall Wall Sealer is not applicable, focusing on its protective and binding properties. This allows you to tailor the final appearance with the topcoat of your choice.

Tips for Application: Handle with care for a seamless application process. Thoroughly stir the contents before applying, ensuring an even and consistent coat that maximizes the protective and binding properties of Diamond Overall Wall Sealer.

Transform your interior spaces with the reliability and protection of Diamond Overall Wall Sealer. Whether you’re prepping new surfaces or enhancing existing ones, trust in the quality of this oil-based primer to provide superior adhesion, protection, and longevity for your painted surfaces.


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