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ZD900 Genc Mix Stain Thinner Based

ZD900 Genc Mix Stain Thinner Based

Supercharge Wood Finishes! ZD900 Genc Mix Stain is a concentrated, solvent-based colorant for vibrant interior stains. Achieve uniform color & correct imperfections on furniture & décor. Perfect for DIYers & professionals!



Unleash the Full Potential of Your Woodwork with ZD900 Genc Mix Stain
Take your woodworking projects to the next level with ZD900 Genc Mix Stain, a concentrated, solvent-based colorant designed to elevate the appearance of interior furniture and décor. This innovative product empowers you to achieve exceptional color vibrancy and consistent coverage, all while offering unmatched versatility and ease of use.

Exceptional Concentration for Vivid Results:
A little goes a long way with ZD900 Genc Mix Stain. Its highly concentrated formula allows for efficient use, ensuring you get the most out of every bottle. This translates to deeper, richer colors that will make your woodworking projects truly stand out.

Effortless Compatibility for Diverse Applications:
ZD900 Genc Mix Stain seamlessly integrates with both polyurethane and cellulosic varnishes. This flexibility gives you the freedom to experiment with various finishes, achieving the perfect aesthetic for any project.

Achieve a Flawless, Uniform Finish:
Does your furniture exhibit unwanted color variations? ZD900 Genc Mix Stain has you covered. This colorant effectively conceals imperfections and color differences, resulting in a uniform, professional-looking finish that elevates the overall visual appeal of your woodwork.

Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike:
ZD900 Genc Mix Stain caters to both seasoned professionals and aspiring DIYers. Its user-friendly formula makes it easy to achieve your desired color tones and depths, empowering you to transform old furniture or breathe new life into new pieces.

Unlock Your Creative Vision:
With its exceptional concentration, compatibility, and ability to correct imperfections, ZD900 Genc Mix Stain is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and bring your design visions to life. Reimagine the possibilities of woodworking and create stunning, long-lasting pieces that will be the envy of everyone.

Key Features:

  • Highly concentrated for vibrant, long-lasting color
  • Compatible with polyurethane and cellulosic varnishes
  • Effectively corrects color differences and imperfections
  • Ideal for DIY and professional woodworking projects
  • Enhances the visual appeal of interior furniture and décor

Order your ZD900 Genc Mix Stain today and transform your woodworking projects!


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