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Semi Plastic Emulsion-Nelson

Semi Plastic Emulsion-Nelson

Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion: Elevate your interiors with this premium acrylic-based wall paint. Boasting remarkable opacity and durability, it surpasses traditional distempers, offering a superior finish and extended lifespan – all at an economical price. Suitable for both new and old interior surfaces, including plaster, concrete, hardboard, chipboard, and brick walls. Upgrade your space effortlessly with Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion – where excellence meets affordability.




Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion stands as the epitome of interior wall paint excellence, combining a sophisticated formulation with advanced technology to redefine the standards of quality. Crafted from a premium Acrylic binder, this paint not only exudes opulence but also delivers exceptional durability. It outshines conventional distempers, presenting a much-improved version that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your interiors but also prolongs the life of your walls.
The hallmark of Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion lies in its impressive opacity, ensuring that your walls receive a flawless, radiant finish. This paint transcends traditional boundaries, offering enhanced performance and longevity while maintaining an economical price point. Say goodbye to compromises – with Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion, you can indulge in superior quality without breaking the bank.
Designed for versatility, this emulsion is ideal for both new and old interior surfaces, embracing materials such as plaster, concrete, hardboard, chipboard, and even brick walls. Whether you’re revamping your living space or adding a touch of elegance to commercial interiors, Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion is your reliable partner, promising not just paint but a transformative experience for your walls.
Invest in Nelson Semi Plastic Emulsion, where innovation meets affordability, and redefine the way you perceive interior wall paints.


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