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Nippon Slate Finish – Satin

Nippon Slate Finish – Satin

Nippon Slate Finish – Satin: Elevate your surfaces with this solvent-based acrylic coating, specially formulated for protection against staining, efflorescence, and scratching. Ideal for interior and exterior application on slates, bricks, concrete, tiles, natural and artificial stones. Highlights include enhanced color, anti-scratching, UV resistance, anti-fungus, consistent wet look, and a transparent finish.

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Transform your surfaces into showcases of elegance with Nippon Slate Finish – Satin, a solvent-based acrylic coating designed to bring out the best in your interior and exterior spaces. Specially formulated with UV additives, this coating serves as a protective shield against staining, efflorescence, and scratching, ensuring lasting beauty for a variety of substrates.

Key Features:

Enhanced Color and Fine Lustrous/Glossy Finish: Slate Finish – Satin goes beyond protection, enhancing the color of your material and imparting a fine lustrous/glossy finish. Experience surfaces that not only resist damage but also exude a captivating visual appeal.

Anti-Scratching and Efflorescence: This coating is equipped with anti-scratching properties, providing an added layer of defense against surface damage. Efflorescence resistance ensures that your surfaces maintain their original appearance, free from unwanted deposits.

Good UV Resistance: The UV additive in Slate Finish – Satin ensures good UV resistance, protecting your surfaces from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This feature contributes to the longevity of the coating and the sustained vibrancy of your materials.

Anti-Fungus Properties: Say goodbye to fungal concerns as Slate Finish – Satin comes with anti-fungus properties. This ensures that your coated surfaces remain free from the detrimental effects of fungal growth, maintaining a clean and pristine appearance.

Consistent Wet Look: Achieve a consistent wet look on your surfaces with this coating. The formula is designed to provide a sleek and polished appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your interior and exterior spaces.

Transparent Finish: Slate Finish – Satin offers a transparent finish, allowing the natural beauty of your materials to shine through. This transparency ensures that the coated surfaces retain their original color and texture.

Elevate your spaces with the protective and aesthetic benefits of Nippon Slate Finish – Satin. Whether you’re applying it to slates, bricks, concrete, tiles, natural or artificial stones, this coating delivers a harmonious blend of enhanced aesthetics and robust protection. Trust in Slate Finish – Satin to safeguard and beautify your surfaces, creating a lasting impression of sophistication and style.


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