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NC Sanding Sealer – Fast Drying Easy Sanding

NC Sanding Sealer – Fast Drying Easy Sanding

Fast Drying NC Sealer for Wood [Pakistan]! VN100.77 by Wood Emotions dries fast, sands easy & ideal for beginners. Perfect for solid & veneered surfaces.



VN100.77 NC Sealer: The Beginner-Friendly Choice for Flawless Wood Finishing in Pakistan
Unlock the beauty of your woodworking projects with VN100.77 NC Sealer from Wood Emotions! This fast-drying cellulose sealer is perfect for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals in Pakistan.

Key Features for a Streamlined Workflow:

  • Rapid Drying:
    Save time with VN100.77’s quick drying capabilities, allowing you to move on to other project steps faster.
  • Effortless Sanding:
    Achieve a smooth and polished finish effortlessly with the easy sanding feature.

Ideal for Various Applications:

  • Made for Beginners:
    VN100.77’s fast drying time makes it ideal for those new to woodworking.
  • Efficiency in Focus:
    Perfect for projects requiring quick turnaround times.
  • Pearl & Silver Finishes:
    Create stunning pearlescent and silver effects for a unique touch.
  • Vibrant Color Options:
    Expand your creative possibilities with ZD900 Gencmix Colorant for a wide range of colors.

Fast Drying Times for Efficient Woodworking:

  • Dust Free:
    5-10 minutes
  • Touch Dry:
    15-20 minutes
  • Sand ability:
    40-45 minutes

These rapid drying times ensure a smooth workflow and minimize waiting periods between steps.

Understanding VN100.77’s Composition:

  • Cellulosic Sealer (VN100.77): This primary component (100% by weight and volume) provides a consistent and effective seal for your wood surfaces.
  • Cellulosic Thinner (TN200): The thinner (110% by weight, 130% by volume) ensures the sealer reaches the ideal consistency for optimal application.

Application Process for Flawless Results:

  • Surface Preparation:
    Ensure a clean and dust-free surface by sanding with 180-220 grit sandpaper.
  • Mixing (if required):
    Follow the recommended mixing ratios for the specific application.
  • Spray Application:
    Apply the sealer using a spray gun for even coverage and a professional finish. Hand or cloth application is also possible for detailed areas.
  • Drying:
    Allow the recommended drying time based on temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Inspection and Re-application:
    Examine the surface and re-apply a second coat if necessary to achieve a uniform finish.

Available Packaging Options:

VN100.77 NC Sealer comes in convenient sizes for your projects:

  • 0.75 Ltr
  • 3 Ltr

Wood Emotions: Your Partner in Woodworking Excellence
Discover VN100.77 NC Sealer and explore our extensive wood finishing product line at Wood Emotions. We offer competitive prices in Pakistan, ensuring you get premium quality without breaking the bank. Elevate your woodworking journey with VN100.77 and achieve professional-looking finishes with ease!


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