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Everlast Red Oxide Primer

Everlast Red Oxide Primer

Everlast Red Oxide Primer: Formulated with modified alkyd and pigmented with red oxide, this primer is your go-to solution for interior and exterior steel structures. Ideal for surfaces requiring subsequent coats of alkyd-based paint.



Enhance the longevity and protective qualities of your steel structures with Everlast Red Oxide Primer. This versatile primer, based on modified alkyd and pigmented with red oxide, is designed for both interior and exterior applications, offering a robust foundation for subsequent coats, especially those with alkyd formulations.

Key Features:

  1. Modified Alkyd Formulation: Everlast Red Oxide Primer is crafted with a modified alkyd base, ensuring superior adhesion and protection for your steel structures. This formulation acts as a reliable foundation for additional layers of alkyd-based paint.
  2. Red Oxide Pigmentation: Infused with red oxide pigments, this primer not only provides an effective protective layer but also imparts a classic red hue. The red oxide pigment enhances the corrosion resistance of the primer, contributing to its durability.
  3. Interior and Exterior Use: Whether you’re preparing steel surfaces indoors or outdoors, Everlast Red Oxide Primer is suitable for a variety of applications. From industrial settings to DIY projects, this primer offers consistent performance across different environments.
  4. Surface Preparation Guidelines: Prioritize effective surface preparation for optimal results. Remove all loose materials, including old paint, through thorough cleaning and wire brushing. Ensure the surface is dry, clean, and free from contaminants for proper adhesion.
  5. N/A Finish: Everlast Red Oxide Primer is designed to provide a reliable base coat without introducing a specific finish. This allows for versatility in subsequent coats, letting you tailor the final appearance to your preferences.
  6. Careful Handling: Handle the primer with care, stirring the contents thoroughly before application. Follow the provided tips to achieve even coverage and maximize the protective benefits of the primer.
  7. Ideal for Alkyd-Based Paints: Everlast Red Oxide Primer is particularly well-suited for surfaces that will receive subsequent coats of alkyd-based paints. Its compatibility with alkyd formulations ensures a seamless and durable finish.

Prepare your steel structures for enduring protection with Everlast Red Oxide Primer. Create a robust foundation that enhances the performance of your coatings, whether for industrial applications or personal projects. Invest in the reliability of Everlast for a lasting finish on your steel surfaces.


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