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Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat

Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat

Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat, in 0.91Ltr. and 3.64Ltr. sizes, is your premium choice for an alkyl-based, non-absorbent intermediate coat. This undercoat ensures maximum enamel hold-out, delivering a smooth, tough surface. Ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces like wood, metal, and cement, it serves as the perfect foundation for Brighto Finishes.

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Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat, available in 0.91Ltr. and 3.64Ltr. sizes, stands as the epitome of excellence in alkyl-based, non-absorbent intermediate coats. Engineered to perfection, this undercoat achieves maximum enamel hold-out, creating a resilient and smooth surface that serves as the foundation for lasting brilliance. Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, including wood, metal, and cement, Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat ensures optimal adhesion and scratch-filling properties.

Key Features:

  1. Excellent Enamel Hold Out: Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat doesn’t just prepare surfaces; it sets the stage for maximum enamel hold-out. This ensures that the subsequent enamel coats adhere flawlessly, resulting in a finish that radiates durability and vibrancy.
  2. Good Scratch Filling Properties: This undercoat goes beyond the basics. With good scratch-filling properties, it contributes to the overall resilience of the painted surface. Enjoy a finish that not only looks flawless but also withstands everyday wear and tear.
  3. Prolongs Top Coat Life: The role of Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat extends beyond the immediate. By providing a robust foundation, it actively contributes to prolonging the life of the topcoat. Each application is a step towards a finish that stands the test of time.
  4. Provides Good Adhesion: Adhesion is key to a lasting and uniform finish. Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat ensures good adhesion to various surfaces, including wood and metal. Experience the assurance that comes with a undercoat designed for optimal performance.

Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat is more than a preparatory layer; it’s a commitment to excellence. Available in sizes of 0.91Ltr. and 3.64Ltr., this undercoat is a versatile solution for a range of surfaces. Whether you’re working on interior or exterior projects, on wood, metal, or cement, Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat is your go-to choice for achieving a flawless foundation. Elevate your painting experience with an undercoat that sets the standard for enamel hold-out, scratch resistance, and topcoat longevity. Choose Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat for surfaces that demand the best.


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