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Brighto Super Primer

Brighto Super Primer

Prepare your interior surfaces with Brighto Super Primer, a specially formulated PVA-based primer available in sizes 14.65Ltr and 3.64Ltr. With excellent sealing properties and strong adhesion to cemented surfaces, this primer is designed for use on brickwork, plaster, concrete, and cement rendering, ensuring a solid foundation for your painting projects.

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Elevate your interior painting projects with Brighto Super Primer, a specially crafted PVA-based primer designed to create a robust foundation for your surfaces. Available in two convenient sizes, 14.65Ltr and 3.64Ltr, this primer boasts excellent sealing properties and superior adhesion to cemented surfaces.
Brighto Super Primer is developed with precision for interior surfaces, making it an ideal choice for applications on brickwork, plaster, concrete, and cement rendering. The PVA-based formula ensures good sealing properties, creating a surface that is ready to receive your chosen finish.
One of the standout features of this primer is its strong adhesion to cemented surfaces. This ensures that your paint adheres securely, providing a long-lasting and flawless finish. Whether you’re working on a renovation project or starting fresh, Brighto Super Primer ensures that your surfaces are properly prepared for the application of paint.
Choose Brighto Super Primer for a painting experience that starts with a solid foundation. This primer is not just about enhancing adhesion; it’s about creating a base that promotes the longevity and resilience of your paintwork. Elevate your interiors with a primer that combines quality, sealing properties, and strong adhesion. Trust Brighto for excellence in every step of your painting journey.


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