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Brighto Interior Filler

Brighto Interior Filler

Perfect your interior surfaces with Brighto Interior Filler, a low VOC and breathable filler available in 5Kgs and 20Kgs. Crafted for all interior masonry surfaces, including brickwork, chipboard, hardboard, plaster, and cement, this high-quality filler offers excellent filling properties, superior water resistance, good binding, and coverage. Achieve a smooth finish for top coats with Brighto Interior Filler.

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Elevate your interior surfaces to perfection with Brighto Interior Filler, a premium solution designed for all types of masonry surfaces. Available in sizes of 5Kgs and 20Kgs, this low VOC and breathable filler offer a combination of exceptional features that make it an indispensable part of your painting projects.
Brighto Interior Filler is specially formulated to provide excellent filling properties, ensuring that imperfections on surfaces such as brickwork, chipboard, hardboard, plaster, and cement are seamlessly addressed. The filler’s composition not only enhances whiteness and coverage but also sets the stage for a flawless and smooth finish for subsequent top coats.
Crafted with a focus on durability, this filler exhibits very good water resistance, making it suitable for application in various interior spaces, including areas prone to moisture. The filler’s good binding and coverage further contribute to its practicality, ensuring efficient and effective application across different surfaces.
Whether you’re embarking on a renovation project or preparing new surfaces, Brighto Interior Filler is the go-to choice for achieving a level of perfection that lasts. Trust in the quality of a filler that is low in VOC, environmentally conscious, and designed to meet the diverse needs of interior masonry surfaces.
Choose Brighto Interior Filler for a painting experience that goes beyond the surface, where each application is a step towards achieving a flawless, smooth finish. Elevate your interiors with a filler that combines excellence, durability, and superior performance. Trust Brighto for perfection in every detail of your painting journey.



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