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Boom Super Silk Emulsion

Boom Super Silk Emulsion

Description: Brighto Super Silk Emulsion (Boom) – Experience the luxury of a smooth and silk finish with this high-quality acrylic emulsion. Available in sizes of 0.90 Ltr, 3.60 Ltr, and 14.40 Ltr, it provides excellent coverage and washability. Perfect for all normal interior masonry surfaces, including brickwork, plaster, cement, and wallboards. Free from lead and heavy metals.

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Description: Transform your interiors into a haven of elegance with Brighto Super Silk Emulsion (Boom). This high-quality acrylic emulsion is designed to provide a luxurious silk finish, creating a sophisticated ambiance in your living spaces. Available in convenient sizes of 0.90 Ltr, 3.60 Ltr, and 14.40 Ltr, this emulsion is a testament to quality and style.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Acrylic Emulsion: Crafted with precision, Brighto Super Silk Emulsion is a top-tier acrylic emulsion, ensuring a smooth and silk finish that adds a touch of luxury to your walls.
  2. Smooth and Silk Finish: Revel in the richness of a smooth and silk finish that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your interiors. The emulsion glides effortlessly onto surfaces, leaving behind a flawless and sophisticated look.
  3. Excellent Coverage: Experience the convenience of excellent coverage, allowing you to achieve the desired look with fewer coats. Brighto Super Silk Emulsion ensures that your painting process is efficient and delivers optimal results.
  4. Good Washability: Practicality meets style with good washability. Keep your walls looking pristine by easily cleaning off any marks or stains, maintaining the fresh appearance of your interiors.
  5. Resistance to Algae and Fungus: Enjoy a long-lasting and vibrant look as this emulsion offers resistance to algae and fungus. Protect your walls from potential damage, ensuring they stay beautiful over time.
  6. Applicable on Normal Interior Masonry Surfaces: Versatile and easy to use, this emulsion is suitable for all normal interior masonry surfaces. Whether it’s brickwork, plaster, cement, or wallboards, achieve a consistent and appealing look throughout your space.
  7. Free from Lead and Heavy Metals: Prioritize safety and environmental consciousness with an emulsion that is free from lead and heavy metals. Brighto Super Silk Emulsion aligns with health and sustainability standards.
  8. Wide Color Range: Explore a spectrum of colors with the Brighto Super Silk Emulsion shade card and All Color Fan Deck. Find the perfect hue that complements your design vision and personal style.

Brighto Super Silk Emulsion (Boom) transcends the ordinary, offering a painting solution that combines quality, style, and functionality. Elevate your interiors with a smooth and silk finish that exudes sophistication. Whether you’re rejuvenating your living room, bedroom, or any other space, this emulsion is your partner in creating an environment of timeless elegance. Choose Brighto Super Silk Emulsion (Boom) for a painting experience that transforms your walls into a canvas of refined beauty.


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